Friday, December 2, 2011

Sony Corporation and subsidiaries by Misato Shimizu SectionAF

View Sony Corporation and subsidiaries in a larger map


  1. Map is effective at showing Sony being centered in japan but their network of subsidiaries is global.

  2. I enjoy looking at such a simple yet informative map. Like how it follows a linear pattern with different country outreachs.
    -Luigi Penaloza

  3. This is a very simple Map which isn't a problem but I felt it could have a little more in there. For instance, where are the products manufactured.

    - Theo McLean-Burrell

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  5. I think this map clearly shows that the headquarter locate in Japan, also label the tech. center. And the route that products manufactured in japan selling to the rest of the world like the US and countries in Asia.

    (-RONG WANG)