Friday, December 2, 2011

BMW: A Global Icon by Kanav Gupta, Section AF

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  1. This map is not even near to completion, as I have yet to label many of the corporate offices and production facilities within Europe. In terms of my arrows, should they just be between suppliers and factories, and factories and retailers?
    For example, one model, the X3 SUV, is only produced in South Carolina and shipped all over the world. Although BMW has hundreds of dealerships around the world, I will have just a few key labeled (where the X3 will be sold). Should my arrows for X3 production only be between the South Carolina factory and all lets say 5 of those key dealerships I've labeled?

    Another question, for some facilities such as the assembly plant in Chennai, India, a search of the exact address did not yield any results, so I just put my label for that assembly plant somewhere in the general region of Chennai. Is this alright?

    Any input is most appreciated, thanks!

  2. For the lines, I would put one color of line between the suppliers and manufacturing centers, and then another color between the factories and the dealerships. And the X3 example is good. And putting lines between the factory and the 5 key dealerships is also acceptable, I believe.

    And I don't think you need a precise location. For my map, I just put my manufacturing marker in Shenzhen, but not over a specific address. I think that's acceptable for yours, as well.

    Overall, a good map, very detailed, and you cited sources. Good job.
    (Caleb Miller)